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A sound end-to-end product development cycle is essential for deploying and monetizing a cohesive digital solution.  


Whether your goal is creating a delightful MVP for your startup, or deploying a robust, global B2B acute care communication platform,  I can help.

Huddle Health medlist


A few projects where I've been involved as a Product Design Lead.

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Huddle Health

Personal Health Record Organizer
React Native iOS, Android, Desktop

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Real-time Meeting Cost
Calculator - iOS only

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Clinical Communication Platform
Native iOS, Android, Desktop, Config’



System automation

My philosophy: To develop a cohesive solution that adds value and delights the customer, one must understand the entire ecosystem well beyond “the UX.”

Only then can we work backwards to create a product that accounts for all endpoints, limitations and undiscovered improvements that elevate a “good enough” solution into “amazing” territory.

I have a curious mind, am highly technical and always excited to learn how new technology works.


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Think of "The Wolf" from Pulp Fiction. You may have lost your designer, have a major jam, or perhaps a relentless deadline.

I go in, I help carry the mud and we're done. In and out.

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Here we have a bit of time to assess the roadmap against business goals, plan an end-to-end pipeline and design, iterate and implement accordingly. Contracts generally take 90-180 days.

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These partnerships rely on an ongoing understanding where you have unlimited access to my insights and expertise as a Product Development & Branding advisor.

Huddle Health


Over the last decade, my product design experience has orbited around healthcare communications, medical devices and payment solutions.  


The types of customer challenges in these spaces carry an element of risk where errors can bring serious consequences. These products require a superb level of organization and attention to detail that is often mandated by regulatory bodies or governments.


What does this mean to your firm?

Regardless of your industry, I can bring a few clever and
transferable concepts to your projects to:


• Improve specific quality metrics

• Aid knowledge transfer via traceability

• Better define triad roles and team ownership
• Create cohesive outage planning & customer messaging

• Increase acquisition value with tidy records

If we collaborate surgically we may have to develop more quickly where a lot of these concepts don't apply. But if we have the luxury of time and the opportunity to build process, the value provided by these quality-centric methodologies make the effort worthwhile.



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